Optical Fibre Splicing And Testing

Optical Fibre Splicing & Testing

As certified Installers RCE can provide any sized, for both single mode or ribbon fibre networks for multiple telecom providers. From design, long haul and local networks that require to be built to testing and commissioning for the end users. We can carry out all government, industry, education and private sectors work relating to fibre, copper and wireless networks.

Our highly skilled technicians operate out of fully equipped vans containing all safety equipment to carry out the work professionally and safely.

How we can help?

Ralston Churchill Engineering is a Civil construction company specialising in
Rail Signalling and Telecommunication Infrastructure installation. We offer a
comprehensive range of civil installation works, which encompass all civil
aspects of Rail Signalling and Telecommunication installation, maintenance
and upgrade.

Ralston Churchill Engineering has over 10 years experience within
the construction public and private fields.

Our mission is to provide a service above and beyond our client’s expectations.