Rail Signalling

Rail Signalling

Ralston Churchill can provide the full civil package for new Rail Signalling systems and upgrades.

Ralston Churchill have completed major projects across country and regional NSW.

We have expert experience and skills with civil construction and cable hauling for both tight service congested areas and large mining loops and extensions.

Ralston Churchill are equipped to provide the construction and installation of:

  • Signal bases, posts and ladder assemblies
  • Pre cast concrete bases for level crossing light standards
  • Pit and Pipe trench works with multiple conduits
  • Open cut and directional boring
  • GST (Galvanized Steel Troughing)
  • Hut foundation with associated earthgrids
  • Forming and concreting of hut foundations
  • New active level crossings
  • Level crossing – pedestrian mazes
  • Location cabinet shelters


Signal Post and Ladder assembly

Blayney to Bloomfield  Coded track and Microlok upgrade Signal Post and Ladder Assembly Installation

Pit and Pipe Work

Bylong Rail Loop Extension

Level Crossing Pedestrian Maze

Upgrade form passive to active level crossing with mechanical pedestrian maze

Signalling Hut Foundation

Bylong Loop Extension - Level Crossing foundation

Galvanised Steel Trough Installation

Bylong Rail Loop Extension- Installation of elevated Galvanised Steel Troughing

Cable Hauling

Bylong Valley Rail Loop Extension- Hauling of 52km's copper and fibre cabling.

Cabinet Shelters

Blayney to Bloomfield - Signalling Cabinet Shelter Installation

Footpath construction

Installation of footpath and curb and gutter

How we can help?

Ralston Churchill Engineering is a Civil construction company specialising in
Rail Signalling and Telecommunication Infrastructure installation. We offer a
comprehensive range of civil installation works, which encompass all civil
aspects of Rail Signalling and Telecommunication installation, maintenance
and upgrade.

Ralston Churchill Engineering has over 10 years experience within
the construction public and private fields.

Our mission is to provide a service above and beyond our client’s expectations.