Ralston Churchill have successfully developed and installed Vertical Inlaid Fibre using the Micro-Trenching Method for both business and home.

Micro-trenching is the process of creating a shallow grove in roads and footpaths using a newly developed road saw.

A narrow saw cut of  13mm by 250mm deep is achieved in Bitumen and concrete where Cables or draw lines are zipped tied into Verticle Deflecting Condiut (VDC)  then placed into the groove and compacted into place using Coldmix or Bitumen.

Why use the Micro-trenching method?

  • Cost Effective
  • Deploys quickly
  • You can drive over the area directly
  • Micro-trenching’s non-intrusive nature results in minimum lane closures
  • Minimal labour
  • Boring or Trenching requires pot holing of services resulting in traffic disruption and heavy reinstatement costs

Environmentally friendly

Unlike typical excavation techniques resulting in deep excavations and removal of surplus spoil and concrete, Micro-trenching requires minimal material removal and reinstatement.

Teraspan Verticle Deflecting Condiut (VDC)

TeraSpan’s Vertical Deflecting Conduit (VDC) is a rugged two-part, slim profile conduit system that “zippers” together around fiber optic cables. VDC’s rugged design and hard edges deflect shovels, picks and other tools and will withstand over 2000 pounds of compression. VDC effectively drains water post-installation eliminating frost heave damage and providing robust protection for enclosed fiber cables.

  • Modular system –  allows for network branching
  • Interchangeable sections –  locked or “zipped” together to enclose and protect fiber
  • Zipper Tool – ensures that the cable is not damaged during installation
  • Rugged – withstands 2000 pounds per linear inch of compression
  • Re-entry – designed to allow for network expansion
  • Orange – bright color ensures maximum visibility
  • Marked “Warning – Fiber Cable Inside” – for easy recognition.
  • Conduits will survive around construction activity
  • Types of TeraSpan Vertical Deflecting Conduit

    VDC 1

    Single channel conduit

    Max capacity 72 fibers


    Designed for FTTH path creation

    Pull in standard drop fiber

    VDC 4

    Four channel conduit

    Max Capacity 288 fibers


    7 channel conduit for FTTH, etc.

    504 fiber capacity

    VDC – MV3

    Three channel conduit

    Max capacity 638 fibers

    Square Profile Conduit (SPC)

    Single channel conduit for FTTH and long haul

    Blow, push, pull or rod up to 72 F cable per SPC

    How we can help?

    Ralston Churchill Engineering is a Civil construction company specialising in
    Rail Signalling and Telecommunication Infrastructure installation. We offer a
    comprehensive range of civil installation works, which encompass all civil
    aspects of Rail Signalling and Telecommunication installation, maintenance
    and upgrade.

    Ralston Churchill Engineering has over 10 years experience within
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